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If anyone receives any other messages from this person spamming the crap out of Dean/Castiel fans EVERYONE about that fucking "best tv couple ever OMG" poll, report them for spam and then drop the username here. It's pretty much symbolic, but at least I can ban the accounts from deancastiel, as well.

I'm glad that it's only a nuisance and not actually skeevy*, but it's still irritating as fuck. Not cool, dude.

Now in a list for easier reference:
listCollapse )

*Skeevy as in "go vote for Dean/Cas by downloading this child porn." Or something. Ignore me.
** New as of 2/10/2012, 12:48 am EST
*** New as of 2/12/2012, 3:12 am EST and no, I don't know why I'm still awake
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27 January 2012 @ 04:09 am
I'm thinking of actually moving to Dreamwidth. I'm another one of those people who have had an account here/there (crossposting capabilities FTW) for years but haven't really used it.

It feels like the community there/here has disintegrated. The only thing really keeping me there/here at this point is deancastiel. And in an completely unprecedented move by my brain, I'm thinking of locking everything down at LJ for many, many reasons. Call it moving on to the next stage of my life or something.

Things I haven't said in my insanely brief entries:
Still in school with a 3.77 GPA, and it still feels immensely strange to be disappointed with by two Bs. Switched directions a tiny bit, only in the sense that I am now concentrating on courses that I know will transfer elsewhere.

Wrecked my pretty orange car in a really stupid accident involving flip-flops and a tree. I don't wanna talk about it.

My niece and nephew are turning into little people, and I will never understand how they are two of the most hilarious people I know when they're not even talking yet.

Bromide is (mostly) gone. There's a long story behind it, but it's resulted in us being done. We do, however, have plans to release the 75 minutes of music we never finished. It's actually being worked on again.

Break-up of Bromide did result in the formation of a new project. We've had two shows with fairly positive response, but it's also coming with the usual good and bad of starting something from scratch. We haven't actually even played in Cleveland yet, which is very weird. I've got the usual nervousness added on top of the fact that it's the first band I've ever fronted. /o\

Also, caught up on Supernatural now. Can't guarantee I'll stay current, but I wanted to get them in before the semester really took off.

Not spoiler: Seriously beginning to think that SPN has more fanservice than any other American show.

More useless notes with spoilers up to SPN 7.12.Collapse )
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25 January 2012 @ 06:19 pm
I'm finally getting caught up on SPN. I'd only seen the first episode this season, and I just delayed on actually sitting down and watching them.

My randomass, disjointed, and altogether useless notes follow. No picspam, sorry. My laptop is dying and I don't have the time. :(

I guess they're not spoilers anymore, but...Collapse )

See? Pretty useless.
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22 January 2012 @ 06:21 pm
I (somewhat) return from my LJ hiatus just in time to see this, which doesn't exactly paint a pleasant picture of LJ. Yet it's theljstaff that linked me to it in the first place, so while it didn't come straight from the horse's mouth, apparently LJ agrees with this picture.

LiveJournal's leadership has made it clear that their future American business strategy lies in generating new traffic rather than catering to the service's current small-but-loyal membership.

I guess that means the staff finally aren't being shy about saying they don't give a fuck about the current users.

I've got mixed feelings. Being away for so long really made me see how much traffic on LJ has dropped. They've gotta make money. They have people to pay. Companies like Zynga thrive because they've got a load of new customers always trickling in the door. It's an internet business model, not a mechanic's shop. I think it's a shit move for LJ to change, but I also think they kind of have to change.

It still sucks, though. And when your BBB rating is a "D-" while Facebook's got a nice, shiny "A," it might be pretty fucking stupid.

*pulls out violin* LJers, it's been a privilege blogging with you.
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21 January 2012 @ 04:07 am
Holy fuck, LJ. I've let you get all dusty.

This is all I've got right now, though:

Good lord, that GUITAR.
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14 June 2011 @ 08:20 pm
So we're 3 1/2 innings into the first game of Cleveland-Detroit series and the Tribe has struck out seven times already. That's 7 Ks out of 13 batters faced, so we're striking out more than we're hitting the ball. D:


At least Verlander is on my fantasy team. -_-
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24 May 2011 @ 01:13 am


This team is made up of magicians.

Got to sit five rows back between home plate and the dugout on Friday, by the way. I could see Michael Brantley's cheekbones and Asdrubal Cabrera's tattoo.

Oh, I also got a 4.0, but HELLOOO HAVE YOU SEEN THE TRIBE?

People seem to defriend me when I post about baseball. Possibly because my posts have been rare and usually about just this topic, so it's probably just deceptive. I'm sorry, guys... it's that time of year and this team is amazing.
yeah, i live on the hellmouth.
We have nothing to fear but Miguel Cabrera.
“They’re not afraid of him,” Acta said, referring to his pitchers. “I am.”

I fell asleep at 7pm last night and missed all the baseball fun. Verlander pitched a no-hitter for Detroit that was one pitch away from being perfect. Our Tribe rookie Alex White beat Weaver. Granted, Weaver wasn't at his best, but I still don't want White to go back to AAA.

I was thinking today about the Bartolo Colon trade. Yes, it's known as one of the best trades in the history of the Tribe - if not the history of baseball - but it's kind of crazy to look at how it's effects are still trickling down.

2002: For Bartolo Colon (and Tim Drew), we got Grady Sizemore, Cliff Lee, Brandon Phillips, and Lee Stevens.

For Brandon Phillips, we got Jeff Stevens.
For Jeff Stevens, we got Mark DeRosa.
For Mark DeRosa, we got Jess Todd and Chris Perez.

For Cliff Lee (and Ben Francisco), we got Carlos Carrasco, Jason Knapp, Lou Marson, and and Jason Donald.

Tribe 2011: Grady Sizemore, Chris Perez, Carlos Carrasco, Lou Marson
40-man roster, 2011: Jason Donald.
Class A, 2011: Jason Knapp

Not too shabby.
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I'm doing stuff for finals and thus don't have time to do a full episode review, but...

Some quick thoughts on 6.20Collapse )

Told ya I would get caught up before the end of the season. :P
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30 April 2011 @ 12:49 am
You guys.

I seriously love this team.


They're young, and everyone said they would suck but might be decent in a year or two. They're a fascinating team to watch if you like baseball, because Acta (that's right, the manager I really didn't want) knows how to play both small ball and long ball. And they've now got the best record for the month of April in the history of the Cleveland Indians franchise.

And they're fun, which makes me not give a flying fuck that it's April.

Detroit, I'm sorry you were on the receiving end of this. Really and truly. We've been the victims of walk off grand slams before - at least twice in recent memory, possibly three. It's something that makes your eyes and your hands roll skyward before you let out a "fuck my life" sigh and slump down in your chair.

I do want to thank you for this, though:

That's Miguel Cabrera playing catch with Victor Martinez... junior. When I saw this, I recalled a part of an interview with Martinez the day before we traded him to Boston, where he mentions his son waking up that morning and asking, "Daddy, are we still an Indian?" Victor Sr. shed tears over leaving the Cleveland franchise. I was more depressed over him going than I got over CC Sabathia and Cliff Lee - and those two were our consecutive Cy Young winners.

So, seriously - thank you to Detroit for bringing Victor back into the Al Central, and thank you for taking care of him. I'm sorry he seems to be injury prone now, but he's an excellent dude. :3
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My first semester is almost over. Jesus H Christ, it's gone fast.

Main reason for this post: to share the insanity that is the amount of spam in the comments on this post I made about a year ago. The spam started at the beginning of this year, and just keeps going. 79 comments of spam through 4 pages - but those are just the ones that weren't automatically screened. When I look at the post while logged in, I see 11 pages of spam because of how many screened comments there are.

Six of those pages are about "Engagement rings ycs viagra ws cialis." Some other comments don't even seem to be advertising anything. And a lot of them are hilarious.

Should I unscreen the others so you guys can delight in the insanity? They all seem to be text only comments - none of those crazy automatically load comments, so there's nothing harmful unless you actually follow the URLs somewhere... but I don't even see any actual hyperlinks. I just don't want to delete anything just because of how O_o inducing it is. I mean, the "Wii Olympic Games After Parties" (screened) comment starts out with "My boyfriend and I landlord parties at our legislative body at least definitely a month, and on it抯 ruthless to protect conversations going on for the entire night. Our friends are from different walks of sentience afterall, and since we into up somewhat again, at times conversations can get lost philander dry."
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I’m several episodes behind in Supernatural. It wasn’t that the season was driving me batty... it’s just pretty much exactly what I expected would happen when they moved to Friday nights. I couldn’t catch it every week, and I fell out of habit of making myself catch it every week, and I haven’t felt inspired to pick it back up again.

I’ll probably wait until just before the season ends and gobble up everything I missed in one swoop.

In the meantime I wanted to chill my brain tonight, so I instead decide to watch the... well, this:

No, I dunno why I went to the anime before actual show-show.

You all know about it by now. It’s another example of the USA material/Japanese animation blending that’s becoming more common these days. It’s just following in the footsteps of Animatrix and Afro Samurai. I haven’t read my flist in months, so I have no idea who’s seen it or not. I know a lot of people were/are waiting for the dubbed version, but I kinda came across it by accident and decided to give a shot. (I have no idea what versions I have, guys. There are more than a few typos in the subtitles so I really hope they're not official.)

So let me offer an abridged, spoiler-free review of the first bit of the SPN anime: IT’S ACTUALLY ENTERTAINING. It’s cute. (The script is cute, anyway - I don’t mean to say it’s “cute.” Uhh.) Since they’re adapting a 40-minute live action drama that’s primarily targeted at American audiences into a 20-minute animation that’s somewhat targeted at Japanese audiences, it’s understandably different. However, those differences aren’t worth cringing over, and I WANT IT TO BE DIFFERENT. I don't want to watch the same show again in a different format. Some of the differences are interesting and/or hilarious, and it means there are surprises tucked into familiar storylines.

Disclaimer: I am a casual anime fan, so I can stomach some of the typical anime hooks thrown in. I am also a fan of over-the-top everything.

Slightly less abridged spoiler-lite review:
I tried to stay away from any of the ‘major’ changes to the plots, so this is pretty damn general.
First 4 SPN Anime Eps: cut for spoilers and pictures and babbling.Collapse )
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12 April 2011 @ 01:45 am
The Tribe has won eight games in a row.

Asdrubal Cabrera was apparently given a talking to by his "uncle" (Orlando Cabrera) during spring training, where O-Cab said A-Cab could hit home runs. And hit home runs he has: 3 first inning HRs. 4 HRs so far this season, already beating his total of 3 HRs from last year. He was named the "AL co-player on the week" along with Konerko.

Oh, and that dude LaPorta hit some stuff tonight, too.

Meanwhile, Brantley is awesome and speedy to the point that I think we should pull that weird move of putting Sizemore in at 9th in the lineup when he comes back.

Yep. Not much else to say.
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03 April 2011 @ 05:25 pm
Okay, okay. PMs, nudges, people contacting my sister, de-friendings... I get the hint, dudes. Yeesh.


I sincerely apologize for making people worry.

Summary of bad:
I had a troubling winter. That might be an understatement, but I also don't want to get into that right now.

I still don't have a job. Every lead I get is either illegal (meaning under the table stuff, not drug dealing stuff or wetworks stuff or something equally disturbing), or would result in significantly less pay than I'm getting from unemployment.

Summary of good:

Settled on community college because I'm going to have to pay out of pocket for at least the first few semesters, and it's way cheaper. I am also so incredibly broke. D:

My goal was to get a 4.0 since it is something I have never achieved in my entire life... and you do kinda need to shine in community college in order to be considered for financial aid The summary of my high school career can be summed up by the fact that I was the exact midpoint in the overall class ranking.

So far, I am kicking this semester's ass. It's all gen-ed courses for my first semester, although I am in two honors courses. The honor courses have spoiled the hell out of me since they're actually fulfilling and challenging, and the instructors don't talk to me like I'm 12.

After years of trying to explain to people what I'm interested in and can't stop reading about, I finally have a word for what I mainly want to research: ecosystem dynamics. YAY.

Other good stuff:
1. Bromide is recording (again), and we have so much freaking material that it's likely going to wind up as a double album.
2. I am apparently going to make my drumming debut on a recording for another project. I thought it was just going to be a rough recording, but it was decided that it's going to be the final. Ha ha, now I'm a drummer, too.
3. My niece and nephew are incredibly freaking cute.
4. My living room becomes more ridiculous every day as I figure out other nifty connections between the stereo receiver, HDTV, PS3, and my laptop.
5. I start a Tai Chi class in a couple weeks. \o/

The preview button doesn't seem to be working in any browser. :-/ Apologies if this post turns out funky.
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17 November 2010 @ 02:48 pm

Yeah, I posted it on twitter, too. IDGAF.

Posted via

yeah, i live on the hellmouth.
23 October 2010 @ 01:28 am
WOOHOO RANGERS! I sincerely hope you guys get it this year.

Once again, this post is about SPN and not baseball.

SPN 6.05 spoilers. No spoilers for next week, funny enough. (And keep them out of the comments or I'll screen you. :P)

More spam than review. Pretty much a 'Dean's face' spam.Collapse )
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14 October 2010 @ 12:19 am
So I'm going to wincon, 'cuz it's (somewhat) close, it's financially reasonable, and I need to get out of this city/state for a night or two for my own mental health. Most of all, I wanna see some of you guys. ♥

I'm hoping to roll into town Thursday evening, and I'm planning on room surfing (meaning I'll get there and beg and plead with everyone I already know and everyone I meet for some floor). I've gotta leave Sunday morning, though.

Anyone gonna be there that's not already there? :D
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11 October 2010 @ 07:07 pm
Bromide as Velvet Underground for H-ween this year, and I'm John Cale. I take Halloween very seriously because of where I was raised, so I've been doing research.

Do I go with this look?

Although if I find a decent fake mustache I might go with this.

I think I might have too much boob to pull this off.

So I guess I'm John Cale with boobs.
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